We transform old fashioned government operations into smart government capable of withstanding the era of speed.

In a world of digital transformation, fast adaptation and relevance are vital for this era of survival of the fastest. We are in the process of generation shifts from baby boomers to millennials.

We are facing rapid tech changes and disruption, which puts governments and public sector entities in a position of either adapt or perish.

Citizens are impacted the most, They face a constant struggle because governments agencies are slow to move, but with LNB SOLUTIONS we made it our mission to take you faster and fully prepared for the next decades of exploding transformation.

Our state of the art solutions drives analytics and automation aimed to minimize risks, capture cost savings, decrease capital and operating expenditure.

With LNB SOLUTIONS you are fast and capable to withstand any disruption.

Technology is moving faster than societies and Government Agencies can adapt to, so how can public institutions keep up?

A ton of outdated technologies are sitting around government offices, they weren’t upgraded nor replaced. In today’s world, upgrading and replacing happens by the day and that’s what LNB SOLUTIONS will do for you.

Our developers have a deep expertise and understanding of the most efficient ways Salesforce can be utilized. We use this program to create a faster, leaner moving company and assess your particular technological requirements.

With years of experience building government technology solutions and we strive to empower leadership to make well-informed decisions.

Grow and Evolve with LNB Solutions.

We develop clever apps using Salesforce. LNB SOLUTIONS combines IT, Accounting, and Analytics to uplift your performance and manage operations with ease.

Your visitors complain about the long waiting time?

Our Salesforce developers will tailor a cutting-edge solution that handles every step of your visitor’s experience, which will be updated live at your fingertips.

Many employees to track?

Imagine one hub, one system, tracks every single detail of your staff’s performance and compliance. With automation, gain valuable insight into the flow of your organization such as time spent with clients to help you with budgeting and staffing appropriately.

Our Capabilities

We’ve implemented many third party solutions with Salesforce! Here are a few of our favorites.

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