We are composed of a team that has passions and versatile talent.

We are programmers, developers, travelers, accountants, geeks, comedians, nerds, and more.

Our team of consultants and developers bring years of Salesforce expertise and experience, straight to our clients.

About Us

Our Mission

To transform old fashioned government operations into smart government enriched with data driven technology. We aim to create technologies that boost performance, advance public service, and automate compliance on each digital screen.

We are passionate about technology and we believe that it can bring a transformation in your organization when it is truly harnessed. We love to show government agencies how they can get more efficient and discover the ways that upgrading their technology can make them smarter, lighter and farther reaching. LNB Solutions combines analytics, accounting, and IT expertise for professional services, consulting, and implementation that uplifts every organization.

Our Leadership

Linda Brown, MBA, CGFM, CGAP

LNB Solutions is a corporation founded by Linda Brown of Portsmouth, Virginia. Linda’s career first began as an Accounting Manager with Virginia Department of Social Services where she saw a growing need for data analytics for better informed decision making and operational efficiency. LNB Solutions was later born and has implemented new technology and process improvements for government agencies across the us.

The most important thing to us, the mission of our company, is that you are positioned to operate and excel in a modern world where the right technology is paramount to success.