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Welcome to LNB Solutions!

We are passionate about Salesforce and we believe that it can bring a transformation in your business when it is truly harnessed. We love to show companies how they can get more efficient and discover the ways that upgrading their technology can make them smarter, lighter and farther reaching.
Who We Are
Our team of developers and consultants bring years of Salesforce experience and expertise, directly to you.
What We Do
Our consultants have a deep understanding of the most effective ways Salesforce can be used to build a leaner, faster moving company and evaluate your specific technological needs.
How We Do It?
Our developers then use their Salesforce and coding expertise to build you the custom tools that enable you to fully utilize the power of Salesforce in your operations.

Our Process

Step 1
Discovery Phase
We’ll begin the process by assessing your organization's specific needs.
Step 2
Design Phase
We will provide a graphical data model mapping out the structure and layout of your Salesforce solution.
Step 3
Development Phase
Here's the fun part! We will develop a custom, user-friendly solution.
Step 4
Testing Phase
W will provide you access, allowing you to preview the new app and give us feedback.
Step 5
Implementation Phase
We will work with key staff to ensure the process of implementation as seamless as possible.
Step 6
Training Phase
We will empower end-user adoption of the new custom app by crafting an individualized training program including instructional videos and manuals.
Our Solutions

Why We Are the Best

By investing in the right technology, you can save organizational time and money, better spent focusing on your mission and growth.
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Linda Brown
Linda Brown
Certified Salesforce Administrator
Britney Simpson
Account Executive
Britney Simpson
Christian Bush
Christian Bush
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Jane Nguyen
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