Custom Application Development

Unlock the power of Salesforce with custom apps that supercharge your organization.

Financial Software Consulting

Designed to encompass your accounting, business processes, and operational needs.

Custom Workplace Giving Apps

Manage your organization's workplace giving campaign with a custom donation management system.

Custom Application Development

We Are Your Salesforce Team!


Our team of developers and consultants brings years of Salesforce experience and expertise, directly to you. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the most effective ways Salesforce can be used to build a leaner, faster moving organization and evaluate your specific technological needs. Our developers then use their Salesforce and coding expertise to build you the custom tools that enable you to fully utilize the power of Salesforce in your operations.

Hire Salesforce Experts Ready To Take Your Business To A Whole New Level!

We love to show organizations how they can get more efficient and discover the ways that upgrading their technology can make them smarter, lighter and farther reaching. We want to do that for you!

Salesforce App Development0%
Salesforce Administration & Support0%
Accounting Expertise | CPA Staff0%
Donation Management Services & Apps0%
Government Financial Management & Auditing0%


Our Services


Determine the specific technological strategies, processes and applications you need to achieve your goals.

Develop custom apps, from scratch, to meet your individual needs.

Integrate your existing databases, external systems and websites through custom software or existing products.

Provide individualized training for end-users and administrators or support contracts as needed.

Custom Application Development
Custom Application Development
We are passionate about Salesforce and we believe that it can bring transformation and innovation to your organization.
Custom Application Development

Meet The CEO

Linda N. Brown, MBA, CGFM, CGAP

I’m Linda Brown, the CEO of LNB Solutions Inc. Our mission isn’t to just tell you how to work with Salesforce, we make Salesforce work for you. We work with you to discover the specific ways that new technology can meet your needs and then, we develop custom applications that supercharge your organization, while walking through the whole process alongside you.


And a big thanks for checking out our website. I look forward to connecting with you!

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