Custom Application Development

Our Salesforce certified consultants work with you for custom application development to meet your potential while providing the consultation and strategies to effectively utilize this technology within your own company, now. As we gather information about your company and how you integrate Salesforce within your operations, we take care to develop systems that will merge seamlessly with the systems you already have in place to ensure a quick, easy transition.


Building a custom app is not just about meeting your current requirements. When we work with you, we provide you with the technology and training to meet your current demands while keeping an eye toward your future demands. We build strategies and software that will continue to grow with you, as your operations scale up.

Step 1: Fact Finding Assessment

Determine the specific technological strategies, processes and applications you need to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Design

With our understanding of Salesforce and your specific needs, we will take special care in providing you with a data model, mapping out the structure and layout of your new system.

Step 3: Development

Having created the roadmap, we will then develop custom, user-friendly tools, catered to the needs of your company that were identified in the Fact Finding Assessment and Design phases.

Step 4: Testing

Now that we have the tools, we’ll give you access, allowing you to preview the new systems and give feedback on any changes you may wish for our consultants to make. We want to ensure that our work meets your current needs without losing sight of any potential needs you may have in the future.

Step 5: Implementation

We will work with you and key staff/administrators, to make the process of implementation as seamless as possible. Following implementation, we will test the system to ensure that all of the data migration has been completed correctly.

Step 6: Training

Following the implementation of your new system, we will work with you to empower the end-user to utilize these tools (creating new fields, reporting, workflow etc.), crafting an individualized training program that meets your needs.

Custom Application Development
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